Her bestfriend put an unknown substance in her food

Young woman ddies poisoned 3 hours after being promoted by alleged best friend as they celebrated his promotion.

Katia, a 27-year-old young worker, saw her future frustrated by her best friend after she put an unknown substance in her food, Katia began to feel bad and then vomit blood.

Kátia still managed to be rescued but unfortunately did not resist and came to die in the hospital where she had been assisted. Katia left 2 children and an inconsolable husband.

Motivated by jealousy and envy of wanting to have what her friend had, led the alleged friend to poison Katia’s food.

All care is not enough
Who sees the face doesn’t see the heart, sometimes we are victims of those who are very close to us, don’t trust too much.

May God comfort Katia’s family.

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