Nollywood actors who are facing various health c hallenge

Here are Nollywood actors who are facing various health challenges as at this present year

1. Prince Chukwuemeka Ani

This veteran Nollywood actor is battling with severe health conditions. From a chronic sore of the anus to diabetes, Ani has been in the hospital in Owerri since December last year where he went for a surgery and it expanded into a dangerous one. The cost of his treatment is roughly about 2.8 million Naira, which the actor can’t afford alone at the moment.

He is currently pleading with generous Nigerians for financial support.

it was gathered is currently battling severe health conditions. Ani is down with Chronic sore of the anus and diabetes and now pleading for financial support from Nigerians.

2. Victor Olaotan

Veteran Nollywood Victor Olaotan used to be a regular face in the Nigerian movie industry, so full of life and health, not until recently where reports from the family has stated that Victor has been sick for years and there has not been any sign of improvement in his health.

The actor’s wife recently cried out to the general public that the hospital treating her husband had threatened to abandon the husband considering how the health condition of the husband is not responding to treatment.

3. Leo Mezie

Leo mezie joined the Nigerian movie industry in 1996, rose to fame after acting the Nollywood Blockbuster movie labista.

After leading a really successful acting career in the late 90s and early 20s, word got out in 2016 that Leo has been down with a kidney related disease.

Reports gathered says the actor has been battling with this sickness for months where had not been too serious about it before the 2nd kidney got affected too. This was when the public got to know about it.

As both kidney of the actor has failed, he has been on a weekly dialysis by medical doctors until a kidney transplant is carried out on him.

As of 2021 the actor’s present condition is still the same.

4. Duro Michael

Another veteran Nollywood actor and movie director Duro Michael has been down with Diabetes for quite a while now.

The once lively and healthy looking man is a shadow of himself as a video of him in a hospital bed in Anambra soliciting for financial support from the public has been circulating online.

Watch video as he speaks from his sick bed

5. Ifeanyi Ezeokeke

Nollywood Actor Ifeanyi Ezeokeke was a popular face in the Nigerian movie industry so full of talent and was at a stable pace in the industry until news came out that he has been sick since June, 2020.

The cause of his illness is yet unknown as he was diagnosed with a strange illness but till now he is yet to recover.

The actor has been taken to different hospitals yet his condition has not improved.

He is now at home and he need the help of people to do a lot of things. It is very painful to see a vibrant young man in this condition.

6. John okafor

Popular Nollywood actor, john okafor aka mr ibu is battling diabete and the ailment has dug deep into his finances.

Unfortunately, he is in need of financial support to continue treatment and she is seeking assistance from generous and good loving Nigerians.

7. Amechi Muanagor

He is currently pleading with generous Nigerians for financial support.

it was gathered is currently battling paralysis due to stroke.

He is down now pleading for financial support from Nigerians.

In conclusion we could recall also that it wasn’t quite long that the industry lost a veteran actor, in the person of Ernest Asuzu, whose death sparked a wide criticism against the AGN and those against members of AGN, who were accused of not caring enough for their sick members, but only to flood their burial ceremonies upon their death.

Just yesterday another veteran actor Sadiq Baba just passed on after battling with a long time illness. I think the AGN has to be really up to speed with the welfare and affairs of some of this sick and weak actors and actress before it gets out of hand.

We pray they all get healed in Jesus Name.No

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